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Opening Night Audience Reactions
More Audience Reactions

"The best show I have seen this year. Brilliant cast, great script, great theatre. A really good night out. Be ready to laugh out loud."  - Bill B. (UK)

"Baby Oh Baby is a new comedy that turns the notion of motherhood and family upside down - in a gleefully British way. At a couple of places in the show, the laughs were coming so fast and furious, the actors were hard-pressed to continue with the scene! Definitely worth checking out!"  - Millie W. (Woodland Hills)

"Baby Oh Baby - oh yes! A risque romp that had me laughing out loud. Great performances and a great Saturday night out with friends. Highly recommend!"  - Andrea A. (Hollywood)

"What a great way to spend a Saturday night! Belly laughs that at times bring tears! A play that brings the gift of laughter. Can't wait to see it again!"  - Tammy K (Woodland Hills)

"Baby Oh Baby was just awesome, it had wit and so much charm!!! I haven't been to play in years and this play makes me want to see it again & again and makes me want to start seeing more theater again. This play was humorous and downright hilarious. I haven't enjoyed a good laugh like this in years....A real must see in my opinion!"  - David P. (Los Angeles)

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